Competition Matches, Results, Ladders

The Spring 2017 season consists of the following teams

 Tuesday DoublesJust Warming Up, Goodminton, The New Rad Pak
 – playing 3 rounds of a 3 team draw – 9 weeks only

We want to hold another short 6-week competition during October and November – for both Tuesday and Wednesday nights if enough interest  – contact us Mid to late August.

Monday Singles – Hot Pants, Young Hawks, Smashing Hawks, Unknowns, Safety Mate? It appears as if Young Hawks are not going to play
If this happens we will run a 4 team competition for a total of 10 weeks and try for another short season during October and November – If this interests you please contact the match secretary

Thursday Singles –  Frameshot, Figjam, Leo plus 1, No Longer a Bye, You Me Carpark Now!, Kneewise

The 2 singles competitions will play 3 rounds of a 6 team draw – followed by a semifinal of 2nd v 3rd with the winner to play the 1st team

Ladder Positions

Draws and results are displayed on the Tournament Software website.

If the dates are showing the month first and confusing you — there is a 3 character country code on right side of the first line under the tabs line – click on this and select the code for Great Britan (GBR) from the drop down list – now it will be the way us Aussies like to see the date.
If you only want to find out about your competition Click on the draw name below.

Monday Singles

Tuesday Doubles  

Thursday Singles

Claiming under Injury Insurance

All players that are registered with Badminton Victoria will be covered by injury insurance. This means that all regular team players should be, but fill-in players may not be covered by the personal accident insurance policy – fill-in players from teams on a bye will be covered.
The major benefit of the policy is that it covers up to 95% (less medicare claims) of the first 5 physiotherapy visits — the percentage reduces for extra visits — which I believe are quite expensive.
You can see a copy of the policy by going to the Badminton Victoria Website and looking at the Insurance menu item. 
Here’s how you claim:-
Personal Accident Claims
Non Medicare Medical Claims (e.g. Physio, Ambulance, Private Hospital Accommodation)
Step 1:
All claims must be notified to Sportscover within 30 days of the accident, injury or damage
occurring. Please notify Sportscover by obtaining the relevant claim form via:
  • Phone the Sportscover Claims Hotline – 1300 134 956 (Australia Only)
    or contact the Marsh Sports Department on 1300 306 383.
Step 2:
Complete the claim form, providing as much information as possible including supplying original
receipts, and submit this to the Sportscover office nearest to you via fax or post.
Step 3:
You will then receive a claim number and Internet Access PIN. To monitor the progress of your claim please visit http://www.sportscover.com/claims.asp by entering your claim number and Internet Access PIN.