Central Badminton Association Inc (CBA) consists of several clubs – of which three remain active affiliated clubs entering Teams in our weekly competition.  We also have some competition players from other clubs that help keep the standard of CBA competition at a relatively high level.

The affiliated clubs are:-

  • Albert Park Badminton Club:
  • Located at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, the Albert Park club holds social nights every Wednesday night. It enters teams in all the Singles and Doubles sections of our competition.
    For information on the Albert Park Badminton Club, check out their website — www.apbc.asn.au.
  • Hawthorn CYC Badminton:
  • Holds social nights at the Stephenson Centre, Xavier Secondary College, Kew and has a couple of teams in our Monday evening singles competition
    For further information, check their Facebook page

  • Wesley Badminton
  • Located at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, the Wesley Badminton Club have social nights every Monday night. Wesley has teams in the Singles and Doubles competitions.
    For further information, contact John Weisheit on 03 9528 5001 or johnweisheit@yahoo.com.au.
  • Junior Support

Central Badminton has each year since 2012 donated $5000 to Victorian Junior Badminton to help offset the cost of officials required for the teams sent to the various carnivals each year.

Central hopes to be able to continue this contribution well into the future.

Those in charge

All matters relating to competition play should be directed to the Match Secretary.
All other matters should be directed to the Secretary.
You may contact other committee members via the email addresses shown.

All emails are redirected automatically to the private email address of the person concerned.

 Position Name  Phone   Email 
 President  John Weisheit  03 9528 5001   central.president@gmail.com
 Vice President  Gary Grierson   0419 582 079  send to Match Secretary
 Secretary  Position Vacant – email    secretary.cba@gmail.com
Treasurer  Position Vacant – email    central.treasurer@gmail.com
 Committee  Maureen Chau     cba.committee1@gmail.com
 Committee  David Wong    will obtain email shortly 
 Committee  Ken BarnHill     cba.committee3@gmail.com
 Committee  Jenny Wong    will obtain email shortly 
 Match Seretary   Gary Grierson  0419 582 079  cba.matsec@gmail.com
 Web-site Editor   Gary Grierson  0419 582 079  central.webeditor@gmail.com