Spring 2017 Season

The people at MSAC are asking us to confirm our bookings for the period July to December – we can’t do this until we know how many teams will be playing. We currently have 3 courts held – Monday and Thursday for 2 hours, Tuesday and Wednesday for 3 hours – do we need more or less?
We need you to help us by letting us know what you intend doing for the rest of this year.  We have agreed to confirm our bookings in the first week of June – so you have just 5 weeks to let us know. 

Singles teams consist of 2 players (any gender) – Play Monday (highest grade (low A-mid B) or Thursday(Low B down) and each night play 4 singles matches and 1 doubles match in 2 hours.
Doubles teams consist of 2 male and 2 female players – Play Wednesday (highest grade (low A -mid B) or Tuesday(Low B down) and each night play 6 doubles matches (2 are gender based and 4 mixed) in 3 hours,
All matches are played as the best of 3 rally point games – singles stop when one team scores 15 points, doubles 21 points.

We need you to tell us if you will continue to play as a team – if you want to enter a team or if you would like to join a team – and no later than May 28. 
email  garygrierson@gmail.com

BV Annual Registration Fee

At a CBA committee meeting held during the first half of October 2016, CBA decided that in 2017 it would recoup the annual registration fee payable to Badminton Victoria by charging the following amounts.

  • Competition and tournament players registered through CBA – $42.00

  • Players playing Veterans badminton only – $25.00

  • Parabadminton players and non-playing officials -$25.00

We believe all players — social or competition should consider this — as even at $42.00 is a very cheap injury insurance policy.

Join the Committee

Central Badminton Association is run by a committee of 5 people who believe that there must be some younger people actively playing badminton who would be willing to help CBA remain the great competition it currently is.
We need new blood — we need persons with a vision of the future — we need people prepared to put ideas into action — and we need those who have been prepared to critique us to join us and point us in the right direction. It’s not all that hard — a committee person would need to attend an evening committee meeting about once every 6 weeks. 
If you would be interested in being part of the committee please contact John Weisheit (President).
The match secretary is about to show someone else how to operate the League Planner software (used for the nightly competition) – with a view to getting them to possibly replace him next year (and maybe run next season under supervision)

Don’t like scoring – have an iPhone or maybe just a smartphone – no worries check out the info on ‘apps for scoring’ — found on the Competition page.  

We’ve got a Facebook page

The site manager may remove any postings considered inappropriate.

Player Injury News

If you are a team member and injured playing or training for competition badminton you may be entitled to claim under the Personal Accident policy that covers all players registered with Badminton Victoria –
If you sustain an injury – no matter how minor it may seem – we suggest you register a “possible claim” as soon as possible after it occurs. If you do not need to claim – advise that you are not proceeding further — if you need to proceed further  –  advise this and, as the claim is already registered, it will be activated.
Check out the detailed information shown on the Competition page.
 And if you are a social player please seriously consider asking your club if you can become a registered BV Member – it is very easy to get an injury that could cost you much more than the $42.00 annual BV registration.